Team NMIT benefits

Team NMIT benefits

Advantages to becoming part of the NMIT team

We believe that our people are the key to our success. Our philosophy of students at the centre of everything we do, a commitment to excellence in teaching, and our outstanding support staff all contribute to making NMIT a great place to work. We are here to provide innovative and high quality vocationally-orientated education and training.

We aim to provide graduates who are work ready and employable to meet the needs of businesses and industry in our region and anywhere in the world.

NMIT is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees. The Institute therefore offers a range of benefits and discounts for NMIT’s team members, from generous leave provisions to discounted study along with various other wellbeing initiatives.

90% Team NMIT Fees Discount

NMIT team members employed on a 0.3 proportion and above are eligible for a fees discount on various courses and programmes offered by NMIT. This discount is also extended to employee’s partners and children under 25 years of age. The amount of the discount depends on employment proportion, but is up to 90% for full-time team members. Conditions apply.

Annual Leave

  • Business Support team members are eligible for between 25 and 28 days
  • Academic team members are eligible for between 5 and 9 weeks

Professional Development Leave

  • Business Support team members are eligible for 5 days per year
  • Academic team members are eligible for 10 days per year

Other Leave

  • Sick – May accumulate to over 300 days
  • Parental - up to 12 months
  • Long Service - One week after each 5 year service block (Business Support)
  • Leave Without Pay - Considered on a case-by-case basis

Parental Leave Grant

A parental leave grant is available to most employees.

Kiwi Saver

KiwiSaver is available to eligible team members and some employment agreements provide for employer contributions on top of salary.

Eye tests

Employees engaged in computer-related work for more than 20% of their time are entitled to free annual eye tests. Depending on their circumstances employees may also qualify for a contribution towards the cost of spectacle frames.

Flu vaccination

All employees are offered a free flu vaccination each year.

Employment Assistance Programme Services

NMIT offers, NMIT team members access to confidential, appropriate professional/specialist assistance for a wide range of issues which may affect work performance.

Performance and Recognition Framework 

Our Performance Recognition Framework is designed to enhance effective working relationships between team members and their managers by encouraging open communication and feedback.

Professional development

NMIT is committed to training and development for our staff. Various training opportunities exist throughout the organisation that team members, with their manager's support, are able to access. Professional Development is available to support teaching, research, leadership development and technology.

Childcare Provider

NMIT team members enjoy a 10% discount and waiting list preferences at Campus Corner, our on-site, privately owned childcare provider.

Library access

Academic and Business Support team members may access the Library Learning Centre on Campus, books, reference material, e-journals, e-books, Library databases and much more. 

Flexible working arrangements

NMIT team members are able to request flexible working conditions for both personal and academic/professional reasons.

Health and Wellbeing

NMIT is committed to supporting a healthy and active team. We offer a variety of opportunities for our team to take charge of their health and wellness. 

Te Toki Pakohe

Te Toki Pakohe exists to offer support to Māori and Pacific Island team members and students at NMIT. The TTM team will be happy to assist with any issue you may have. 

Environmental Sustainability

NMIT is committed to environmental sustainability. We encourage you to consider using an alternative way to get to work other than using your car. If you plan to walk, run or cycle, there are showers and changing facilities available.

We also have a commitment to minimising waste in all its forms and encourage everyone to use the numerous recycling bins provided.

NMIT Training Restaurant

Our student restaurant on the Nelson campus of NMIT focuses on practical, applied learning and gives our people and members of the public the opportunity to sample our students’ fare at very reasonable prices.

The Rata Room opens for lunch and evening dining at specified times throughout the year. Opening times are promoted online and throughout the campus.

On-site Café

Café Ake Ake Nelson Campus is open from 7am daily and offers fresh fare and great coffee at reasonable prices.

Shared spaces for NMIT team members

Each campus and most individual buildings have a shared space or kitchen area. Tea, coffee and milo are provided free of charge.


Our people can access well-priced hair treatments in our training salons in Nelson and Marlborough. Beauty treatments are also available on the Nelson Campus.

Equal Employment Opportunities

NMIT is committed to providing Equal Employment Opportunity in the workplace. The EEO policy seeks to provide equal access and consideration in areas of recruitment, selection, promotion, conditions of employment and career development without regard to gender, national or ethnic origin, race, disability, age, colour, marital status, presence of bodily organisms, political beliefs, culture, religious belief, or sexual orientation which are irrelevant to the position.

Orientation Process

Starting a new job can be both exciting and stressful. To help you settle in and become familiar with the various aspects of working at NMIT, your manager will organise an induction programme for you. You are also required to attend, with other new team members, an induction about the wider Institute held at the beginning of each semester. There are three online induction modules we like you to view before you join us and a Safety Health and Wellbeing module we will ask you to complete in your first week.

Free parking

Parking is free on-site with over 350 car parks available.

Smoke Free environment

NMIT provides a smoke-free study and work environment.

Southern Cross Health Insurance

Southern Cross health insurance is available for you and your immediate family with a 7% discount on premiums through the NMIT group scheme.

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